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There are quite a few folks out there interested in the future (I’m glad to say). The blogroll down on the right is getting longer as I come across them. It’s a convenient place for me to keep them –  and to add links to offer further distraction from whatever you’re supposed to be doing today. I’m leaving out people who don’t post much.

They range from business consultants (how to make money whatever happens), through grad students, independent organisations, NGOs and various other “futurists”. I’m interested that that rather ugly word has become the approved term. I think all humans are futurists… but maybe some more so than others.

Interesting additions would be good to know about…

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2 Comments on “Other blogs”

  1. alice Says:

    Not a blog, but as good a place to put this while I remember… Do you know Nik Brown’s work on sociology of expectations? His site has papers for free download, and I’d recomend his science studies paper ‘hope against hype’.

  2. jonturney Says:

    I do recall that paper, but need to read it again – (as much else…). Hope vs hype is a useful alternative dichotomy to optimism vs pessimism, I suppose. I shall put in a vote for ambivalence, I expect.

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