Colonising the future

I suppose they need to be professional pessimists, in some sense, but any historical look at futures studies quickly reminds one how much of the activity has been dictated and/or funded by the (mostly US) military and allied outfits.

The extent to which is still the case is well described in a post last year on Tom Engelhardt’s website, and the following articles…

Scary stuff, but important to know about.

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One Comment on “Colonising the future”

  1. Ron Walker Says:

    The USA is so riven by internal divisions that finding the “authentic voice” of the USA is difficult/ bordering on impossible… but it’s long seemed to me that the US military’s greatest burden is their “can-do” attitude. Some things simply CAN’T be done, (or perhaps can’t be done by military might alone.) But pointed in the right direction and told to do a job, the US Military will keep flogging a dead horse (and claiming that they can see clear signs of progress) long after anyone with more sense or imagination would have abandoned the attempt as a lost cause. British Special Forces are keen proponents of the KISS rule (Keep It SIMPLE, Stupid!) based on years of bitter experience. Their “Can-Do” American equivalents make absurdly complicated plans where each step requires that the previous one was 100% successful. The result is usually total chaos.

    But it’s often (usually, in fact!) EXPENSIVE chaos. – and that, for some US businesses is the whole point of the exercise. The military is a favoured customer, because it’s every American’s patriotic duty to spend absurd amounts of money on “National Security”. The last ten years have seen a sharp decline in the USA’s popularity, influence and prospects… coupled to ever increasing expendituee on “security”. They seem not to be able to grasp the simple idea that you sane people don’t imagine that you can bomb other people until they start to like you.

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