champion pessimists?

Apart from the people who believe in imminent global pandemic, I guess these guys are the ultimate pessimists in the energy debate…

One may assume the site’s title is a prediction, rather than an instruction, I hope.

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3 Comments on “champion pessimists?”

  1. But are they right?

  2. jonturney Says:

    was that really 1.39 a.m?

    as for the Q… definitely something the book needs to address! So far, I’d say they are
    a) annoying for misappropriating a biological term
    b) enjoying the prospect of the dieoff too much for their own credibility (much as James Kunstler’s The Long Emergency periodically exults in the imminent destruction of subirbia – Oh, just go and watch Gremlins, why don’t you?)
    c) right about peak oil being now, or about now
    d) verdict on ultimate consequences still open…

    how’s that for a cop out?

  3. jonturney Says:

    p.s. didn’t know you had been blogging for so long… agree about the Gawande piece on checklists. He’s a great writer.

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