(Second) lives to come

Jeez, not sure how almost a month went since last posting here. Have been writing quite hard, but the point of doing this as well is to feed into the writing – and vice versa – so I am resolved to post more often to help that along.

Which may evoke some more random comments. Like this one. I am intrigued by the great divide between people who are attracted to computer games and such, including online offshoots like Second Life, and those (like me) who aren’t, or at least have not been so far.

One consequence seems to be that there are beginning to be whole worlds which some people understand, some don’t. I guess that describing them to me is bit like me talking to someone who is literate, but has never actually read a book…

I want to find time to explore, partly because of a peek at the National Physical Laboratory’s presence in Second Life, which has a lot of stuff to help people get genned up on nanotechnology. So in a future-oriented book I s’pose it might be cool to add a citation to the right second life Island (is that the right term?) to the further reading type references when I do the nanotechnology bit. Which means I have to look at it first. And then what will happen? Will my life be sucked away by new virtual past-times? I doubt I’m susceptible to that. I am too wedded to the old virtual technologies of print. But it does occur to me one might be able to do things in Second Life, in due course, to help flog a book… Bet the publisher would love that.

Of course – oh the irony – I learnt about this interesting small corner of second life in a lecture, not online, so still need to actually get avatared up and enter the environment proper. Which seems weird, but I’m sure isn’t really.

How quaint this reservation will doubtless seem in years to come.

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