taming the climate beast

Another book on the current pile…

Robert Kunzig and Wally Broecker’s Fixing Climate (out from Profile in the UK in a day or three as a paperback original).

A well put together scientific memoir of the guy (Broecker) who did most to persaude that climate change can, on occasion, be a) large and b) rapid. That’s rapid on normal rather than geological timescales – within a Congressional term as one scientist quoted in the book puts it. He’s also the man who raised alarm about the Atlantic conveyor, though does not currently believe it is in danger of shutting down so we Brits can remain relaxed about global warming to the extent that it will make a temperate but occasionally chilly land, well, a bit nicer on the whole. Pity about Southern Europe and Africa…

But wait: Broecker has a solution – carbon capture direct from the atmosphere – and has helped get a venture capital funded outfit going to try and invent a commercially viable method. And the closing chapters outline the (not very exotic) technicalities clearly enough to give hope that it could work well enough to do some good. Sounds a bit more plausible/less desparate than geo-engineering, anyway.

Golly this writing about books is a great diversion from writing one’s own. Now why is that?

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