Singularity update

Haven’t done much linking to new stuff, but must do it for the excellent IEEE Spectrum’s special on the singularity, here,

an excellent roundup of enthusiasts, sceptics and middle of the roaders discussing what is, I suppose, the ultimate prediction – in the sense that nothing which might happen after can be predicted, by definition. Did feel a bit sorry for the bionic chap who seems to have mislaid his genitals somewhere during all the upgrading, though, but perhaps IEEE members are sensitive about visual representation?

Much to digest here, but it is certainly the best thing I’ve read about the possibility of technological transcendence – though obviously not as wide-ranging – since Damien Broderick’s excellent The Spike.

Speaking of whom, despite being a believer in the spike AKA singularity, he has a new edited  book out of essays on science in a million years’ time!  I’ll be reviewing that for Nature, so more when the tome arrives. All I can think at the moment is, jeez: a million years! Science?  I assume that is the effect intended…

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One Comment on “Singularity update”

  1. Jon Turney Says:

    Haven’t had my say about this yet, but there’s a good piece by John “end of science” Horgan in the Wall Street Journal.
    He says the overall vision presented is “dispiriting”, though doesn’t really explain why.

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