competition, competition

Just ordered the next mega-compilation from the UN Millenium Project, the 2008 State of the Future Report. I have been through the last edition. Now all I have to do is digest the latest – now running to 6,300 pages on the accompanying CD – and insert the result into the draft of the Rough Guide‘s rather smaller number of pages.

Normally I would use a library copy but I guess I ought to buy one edition of the thing, which does respresent a colossal amount of work (and fifty dollars aren’t worth much in the Queen’s currency these days, I’m happy to note). One thing the survivors of any of the fashionable apocalypses – should they come about – won’t be able to say about us is that there wasn’t much thinking about the future going on. Whether it was of high quality is more debatable – as is what “high quality” means in this context, I suppose, though that is something else I need to figure out better somewhere along the way.

Interestingly, these reports seem to be getting more optimistic in tone, judging by the executive summary of the latest. The slightly implausible State of the Future Index they compile from a whole slew of indicators is improving folks. It even prompted the usually lugubrious Goeffrey Lean to write an upbeat piece in The Independent.  News just in: we’re not all doomed after all…  How many people could get that past the news editor?

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One Comment on “competition, competition”

  1. Jon Turney Says:

    actually, I see New Scientist has almost exactly that headline last week, on a piece about an Oxford Futures conference on extreme hazards – the kind that Nick Bostrom tries to get people to think about properly, and with some success it would now seem.

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