The author’s little helper?

Hmmm…  writing  a book against deadline which calls for coverage of drugs for enhancement could lead a person into temptation. I mean, this stuff sounds pretty good to me.

Pill that boosts productivity gaining favor in Silicon Valley
By Steve Johnson
Mercury News
Article Launched: 09/02/2008 08:11:06 PM PDT

In a place like Silicon Valley, where career prospects often hinge on a person’s intelligence and ability to work hellishly long hours, “brain doping” probably was inevitable.

The expression refers to a growing national trend that troubles some medical ethicists, in which pills designed to treat sleep and mood disorders are being popped by healthy people to help keep them mentally sharp and boost their productivity.

In April, the prestigious journal Nature reported that one-fourth of the 1,400 people responding to an informal survey admitted they had taken drugs for non-medical reasons to improve their concentration or memory. The medicines included Ritalin, a stimulant for treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; Provigil, for sleep disorders; and so-called beta blockers for cardiac arrhythmia.

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2 Comments on “The author’s little helper?”

  1. Brian Clegg Says:

    Jon – sounds like you need a copy of my new book Upgrade Me (see – sorry rather late in this comment, just came across your blog.

  2. jonturney Says:

    Thanks Brian – I’ll check it out

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