climate jokes… and presidential prospects

no jokes in the climate scenarios mentioned below – or if there are I haven’t spotted them yet

which makes me think the general dearth of such jokes is a good sign: they always show up when things get really bad, as the rash of credit crunch jokes confirmed.

I did like the acroynm for one current UK research project though: EPSRC (EP/E017428/1):  Sustainable Cities: Options for Responding to Climate cHange Impacts and Outcomes – or…  SCORCHIO.

OK not subtle, which is doubtless why I like it. You have to wonder if it was coined before the grant application or after.

On a more mature note, probably no need to add to the general whoop-de-do about Obama getting elected to lead the current Top Nation. But the moment in the Big Speech in Chicago when he invoked that feisty 106 year-old voter was intriguing. The rhetoric (and boy, does he do that well) was partly about how much change one African American had seen in her long lifetime. But he also paused to ask what his kids (the youngest is seven, I think) might see if they lived so long. This goes beyond the caution that improving things in the US or the world might take “more than one year, even more than one term”. Perhaps as we all get used to living longer, and hope our children will too, concern for the longer term will become a more accustomed way of thinking. A presidency genuinely trying to look ahead 100 years really would have one eye on the future. I wonder how that  might play out in practice, in a real administration? Can’t wait to find out.

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One Comment on “climate jokes… and presidential prospects”

  1. Clare D Says:

    Ha, ‘Scorchio’ – very good – reminds me of Caroline Ahern’s depiction of a Spanish weather forecaster in the Fast Show…every day the weather was ‘Scorchio!’.

    And yes, that is one bad effect of having a democracy, I feel – frequent changes of power preclude taking the long-term view. Though the alternative doesn’t seem any more satisfactory either.

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