Biking back to happiness

Thomas Friedman is way ahead of me (no surprise) on charting a constructive way forward without talk of saving the planet – at least not in the title of his excellent-sounding new book, Hot, Flat and Crowded.

Excellent sounding? Well, haven’t read it yet, so I’m going mainly on the interview with fellow scribe Elizabeth Kolbert here. Sounds good to me, even if it is aimed mainly at those who want to keep the US a dominant force in world affairs, especially economically. The point is to turn the powerhouse of innovation in the right direction – and encourage others to join in. Friedman’s interview comment about a recent visit to China is intriguing, as is his report of how many people came to hear his book tour talks in the US. He wants Mr and Mrs Obama to ride from the Capitol to the White House on bikes on inauguration day…

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