optimism (light relief)

In case anyone who stumbles in here does not read Charlie Stross‘s interweb outpourings (a reliable source of entertainment and stimulation) I can’t resist relaying news from him last June – OK I only catch up with him occasionally, prompted on this occasion by Richard Jones at soft machine.

Anyhow, he pointed toward a wonderfully fuzzy bunch of singulatarian (sp?) optimists, the Order of Cosmic Engineers, who announced themselves to the world as

” at the same time, a transhumanist association, a space advocacy group, a spiritual movement, a literary salon, a technology observatory, an idea factory, a virtual worlds development group, and a global community of persons willing to take an active role in building, in realizing a sunny future. As engineers, we aim to build what cannot be readily found. Adopting an engineering approach and attitude, we aim to turn this universe into a “magical” realm.”

Tongue in cheek? Um, apparently not.

A diversion from real-life, serious, global-warming-cum-world recession/ can-Obama-save-us-all-type problems? Most certainly.

Quite fun to read anyway? Yeah.

Fun, as in harmless fun? Probably.

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