Today’s Sterling thought…

Another Bruce Sterling quote (just can’t stop reading the guy…) which is too nice not to pass on

Some black swans are beautiful

um, think that one gets tagged under optimism, unlike his last

context in the interview here, full of similarly pithy remarks which he seems to just toss off effortlessly in conversation. Me, I have to think them up slowly, (that’s on a good day).

Interesting, incidentally, how the black swan idea is now ubiquitous. Thanks to the book of that title? Maybe. I skimmed it a while back, decided it was just a very long-winded paraphrase of “shit happens” and put it aside. The author’s astounding self-regard was a disincentive to read longer, as well. Seems to have done well in spite of, presumably because of the temper of the times, though the statisticians’ reviews are coming through now and they seem to think it’s intellectually pretty threadbare…

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