more on little helpers

don’t want to obsess about drugs to enhance neuro performance here – anyway the book is going well, honest – but this piece in the New Yorker is intriguing. Don’t have much to say about it but, in true New Yorker style, one of the best pieces I’ve read on the subject. If all the stuff about the gradual death of print journalism turns out to be true, and I fear it may, it is this kind of thing – well-researched, well-written, fact-checked to the Nth degree – which we may miss.

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2 Comments on “more on little helpers”

  1. We read it too. While the dailies may be in trouble, because they stripped out the content years ago and have been living off the fat ever since, I expect the New Yorker to survive because they provide something worth paying for.

    • jonturney Says:

      Maybe so – though I think ad revenue is key (but then I read this piece for free online)

      did take out a real paid-for-with-money sub for the new attempt at a UK edition of Wired, though, ‘cos it is about the future, which will be full of shiny new toys apparently – just like the future always used to be!

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