Questions, questions

Long time, no post. I’ve been head down, finishing a first draft of the Great Work (well, almost finishing…).

Anyhow, next step is to go back to the beginning, revising and knitting the thing together better. I intend to post here more regularly along the way, as a new look at old bits (and some are now quite old) raises fresh questions. Any volunteer readers who have time on their hands and would like to offer critical comment on (parts of) the draft will find email gets a speedy – and grateful – response.

I also need to elicit some futuristic comments from thoughtful people who will shortly receive an unsolicited email inviting such.

The form of words I may use is below. The idea, obviously, is to get some indication of how individuals view the range of possibilities in their area of interest Any comments on obvious pitfalls of these questions more than welcome. NB: the object here is not to perform methodologically sound social science, but to prompt quotable quotes.


I am writing with a small request.

I am just revising the first draft of The Rough Guide to the Future, due for publication in Nov 2010. Along with commentary on many existing visions of possible futures, it would be excellent to have views from well-informed people with particular interests in aspects of our future.

I would like to keep this brief. Many who receive this request have written at some length on futures, and I will take that into account. This is about distilling those views. So, if you are willing, could you offer brief answers to the following three questions –

In fifty years from now, in the area of most interest of concern to you:

What is your highest hope for what will happen?

What is your worst fear?

What is your best bet for what will actually occur?

P.S any suggestions for people to answer these questions also gratefully received, as will be answers posted here!

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One Comment on “Questions, questions”

  1. ian page Says:

    +50 Years

    Hope: That we will live in a post extractive, flow oriented society

    Fear: That we will leave the transition too late and fall in the gap between the two economic and production styles confusing money with real resources. ( what is the exchange rate between a City financier and a potato- it depends on how fat the financier is and how hungry you are)

    Bet: It will be a very difficult transition, with a different group of countries as the new economic leaders and food disaster, low level war ( congo style) and disease widespread

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