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I was dubious about Twitter (140 characters too like txt mssgng, which I can’t stand to use at all), but after 24 hrs am now convinced it’s useful…

item, some guy I’d not heard of following me (why? no matter), so check him out: oh look, he’s following Fred Spier, whose 1996 book on Big History I have here somewhere – and Spier himself tweets that a) he has another book out next year, and b) the Club of Rome had a meeting in Amsterdam in Oct. They made a declaration, too. I’d missed that, but am reading it now…

Also impressed that Fred’s books are 113 and 280 pages, respectively. Mine seems to be getting longer. I foresee cuts when it all gets to the publisher, which makes me feel inefficient, but couldn’t find an another way of getting this one done.

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