Future shock revisited

Wanted to go to a local screening last night, but indoors with ‘flu or some viral relative – so obviously I looked for the main attraction on YouTube, and of course it is there: Future Shock (1972), in five jerky parts.

It is a pretty fair attempt to convey the themes of the book on film. Much added value from the commentary voiced by Orson Welles in his portentious prime. The effect is slightly undermined by the fact that, on screen, wreathed in cigar smoke and solidly handsome, he never looks even slightly shocked himself.

Anyhow, here’s part one in all its glory.

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One Comment on “Future shock revisited”

  1. We seem to be closest to the wave that spawned the events in Future Shock with Occupy Wall St etc, but it seems to be a much weaker wave. I think that Future Shock was a seminal work, but maybe it hit the symptoms and missed the root cause, I wonder if we can get a handle on the moment this time a little bit better. Thank you for sharing your observation.

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