Prevailing silence here due to diversion by another project – which is now loosening its hold somewhat, so regular posting will resume shortly, in the interests of engaging a little discussion as publication date for the Great Work approaches in November.

Meanwhile, folks at Turney Towers are quite excited that the tome will, apparently, look like this…

The book’s insides will be more subdued (B&W pics only), which seems a shame as I inspect my collection of books of retro-futurist illustrations, but this does look, well, pretty futuristic to me. That receding tube is definitely going somewhere, even if it is only into an MRI scanner. The view at Rough Guides world headquarters, I gather, was that this was one of the hardest cover designs to nail since the Rough Guide to Sex. I like it.

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5 Comments on “Lookit!”

  1. Brian Clegg Says:

    Jon –
    Do get them to send a review copy to http://www.popularscience.co.uk (email me for contact details) – the ‘usual’ popular science publishers send us things as a matter of course, but obviously Rough Guides isn’t one of our regulars.

    Brian Clegg
    Editor, http://www.popularscience.co.uk

  2. jonturney Says:

    will do Brian – hope you like it

  3. Snazzy! Will this contain our random opinions?

  4. jonturney Says:

    Indeed – and final versions of those will go to authors for approval v. soon

  5. The book looks exciting. It is surely a difficult task to illustrate the future so black and white should do the trick…
    I am the blog editor for Illywords – I was just reading your contribution to issue #25 (did you know all back issues are online now? Your article is here: http://www.illywords.com/archive-magazine/25-innovage/rough-guide-to-the-future/) and updating bio’s (I added a link to this blog).
    Be sure to let us at illywords know when the book comes out, or if you have any other interesting news/updates that we might be able to publish on the blog. And hey, if you’re on facebook, there’s an illywords fan page too – we’re stepping into the future ;-).

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