Futurist thought for the day – on death

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Bruce Sterling’s Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years (an extract here gives the flavour) is full of wise and wonderful things, among them the declaration that, even if we become posthuman, “death will deserve respect”. He goes on:

This realization is the last and deepest futurist insight, the one that tows a true futurist out of the shallow waters of the huckster and the charlatan. The future is a lovely thing to contemplate, but in the final analysis, it is where we go to die…

The world continues after our decease, and if we’re lucky we might go right on talking. But death is an event we can’t finesse. Authentic futurism means staring directly into your own grave and the grave of everyone, and everything, you know and love.

On that indicator, I’d say the roster of “authentic futurists” is quite brief, though one of the earliest, H. G. Wells (Sterling’s language in that final sentence sounds a little Wellsian) would be on there.

Who else?

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