Getting noticed

This blog hasn’t said much lately about the actual book which it sprang/limped wearily away from. But I’m not going to resist a couple of chances to note that some people think it’s quite good – in case either of my readers here haven’t bought it yet.

First, the Rough Guide to the Future has been longlisted for the Winton Royal Society Science Book Prize. That puts it in company with a daunting list of other rather fine tomes, but they don’t whittle it down to the last six for a few months so I can preen ’til then, at least…  It is last on the list, but that is alphabetical by author, honest.

Even more pleasing, if possible, as it is a single selection is that the Guide has been chosen by Prof. Rod Smith, incoming President of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and all round splendid fellow as his “book of the year”. That means lucky visitors to the I. Mech. E. (and people who get visited) are given a copy, as are 100 odd new fellows. Lunch at the end of the year may be involved, too. They haven’t even asked for a discount on the book (as far as I know). So well impressed, as well as pleasantly surprised, by that one. Thanks to them, and to the Winton judges – Monica Ali et al – for noticing the book. All very encouraging. I might even write another, but it won’t be quite as ambitious/foolhardy as the Rough Guide, I think, at least not at the beginning.

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