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UPDATE – Sep 2010

I’ve left original text below, but three years on (phew) the Rough Guide to the Future is now in print (pub date 1.11.10), and I’ve posted the preface on the blog here, so you can see what it covers…

Original intro…

This is a new blog, for a new project – The Rough Guide to the Future.

The book of that title is due for publication in Autumn 2009 (Now 2010!). Sometime between and now and then I have to write it. I’ve been a science and policy writer for 30 years or so, and this subject has been growing on me all that time. This will be my effort to deal with it – if not once and for all, then at least to get my thoughts in better order.

This Blog will offer thoughts on matters arising, and (quite often) pleas for help. The first one is in the first post

Me…  I am a science writer and editor based in Bristol, UK. My last book was The Rough Guide to Genes and Cloning (with Jess Buxton), recently recommended on Scientific American‘s Christmas list. You can find out more about other stuff I’ve done here


3 Comments on “About”

  1. jamie hamilton Says:

    Hi Luke

    I really enjoy your blog and you seem very knowledgeable on the futures field. I would really like your opinion on something if you have a moment. I am a recent graduate who is very eager to begin my career in this consulting field, preferably on the commercial side. I see there are several lists containing a plethora of firms that make up this space, which is great, but I am wondering if you could help me delineate some of the top international firms in the world with regard to

    1)Globally recognized and influential
    2)Most extensive database
    3)Most prestigious clients

    Who is the cream of the crop in your opinion?
    Who would you love to work for?

    Any names or direction would be greatly appreciated if you have a moment so I can research them further.

    Many thanks!

  2. jonturney Says:


    Glad you enjoy the blog (even if you think I am called Luke…)

    Afraid I am happily self-employed, so I don’t really have much knowledge of commercial/consulting futurists. You might have a look/sign up at the Shaping Tomorrow website – http://www.shapingtomorrow.com – for some ideas/contacts, though recent talk there has been about people cutting back rather than recruiting I’m afraid.

  3. Jon,

    Sorry to put this in a comment, but I couldn’t find your email address.

    I linked to your site from mine, in the Links of Interest Section.

    If you like my site, I would welcome a link in your blogroll.


    Jeffrey Dean Hochderffer
    The Global Transition

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